This site is to share my personal artwork with you.  I have been making art since I was a child and have continued to pursue the making of it ever since.  Though I have worked in television production and motion graphics for many years, my pursuit of this personal work never waned.   It was always a dream to be able to work as an artist and now, I am so fortunate to be able to do so.


My current work began as a process of self-healing, using clay (and play) to engage my body and mind. These works have since grown into what I consider self-portraits: objects influenced by my perceptions of the world, filtered through my imagination, and made with my own hands.  In this way, the works are an articulation of both my psychic landscape and physical efforts.

I’ve been surprised by how this experiment in imagining, visualizing, and forming has influenced my basic philosophy of life and art-making.  As I continue making work, I’m interested in expanding this exploration into the relationship between the internal and the external: how content affects structure, how imagination can disrupt “reality”, and how we understand and imagine beyond what is physically perceptible.